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59E59 Theaters, Theater C

written and directed by Debra Whitfield
(8/29-9/21 2019)


BWW Review: TECH SUPPORT at 59E59 Theaters – A Unique Show that Entertains and Charms

By Marina Kennedy 9/6/19

"This clever and wonderfully performed romantic comedy offers a stark contrast between our modern age and times past."

"...The talented, accomplished cast brings Debra Whitfield's unique and entertaining show to life with humor and heart."


Times Square Chronicles

TECH SUPPORT is a Charming Look at New vs Old

By Suzanna Bowling September 5, 2019

"Last night at 59E59 Theaters, a charming lighthearted look at how technology has overrun our lives and our souls, opened in the form of TECH SUPPORT. Written and directed by Debra Whitfield, this play felt like a 1940’s romantic comedy, where love always saves the day.

The cast is extremely talented with Margot White leading the way.

This production is done by the Chatillion Stage Company, whose play FIRE also gained a rave review. This company really puts on well thought out plays that embrace the past."

"What makes Ms. Whitfield’s play so charming, is that it blends old philosophies with new. Her direction, as well as her writing, makes this a piece that takes us out of our present day drama and allows us to escape, if just for an hour and 20 minutes."


Broadway Radio

With Peter Filichia 9/1/19

"Beautifully, wonderfully, terrifically played by Margot White. A phenomenal performance: endearing, funny, sincere.

Ryan Avalos is a tremendous new discovery, a real find, terrific.

"TECH SUPPORT has a future. I do think we may be seeing TECH SUPPORT in 20 years because it’s that good a play!"


Ethan Kanfer Blog


By Ethan Kanfer 9/19/19

"Both in her script and direction, Whitfield wrings laughs and tenderness out of the culture clash between her FOMO-driven protagonist and the practitioners of a more thoughtfully-paced way of life."

"The cast, anchored by Margot White’s endearing Pamela, bring warmth and wit to their sociological and personal arcs. The story’s journey through history is made colorful and convincing by the well- researched and visually appealing achievements of the gifted design team."

Ryan Avalos and Leanne Cabrera dance up a storm in TECH SUPPORT, Off-Broadway at 59E59 Theaters. Photo Credit: Russ Rowland.
Margot White as Pam and Leanne Cabrera as Maisie in TECH SUPPORT, Off-Broadway at 59E59 Theaters. Photo Credit: Russ Rowland.
Margot White, as Pamela, struggles with technology in TECH SUPPORT, Off-Broadway at 59E59 Theaters. Photo Credit: Russ Rowland.

The Gibson Girl

Part of the 2018 New York International Fringe Festival
FringeHUB, 685 Washington Street

By Mike Amato; directed by Debra Whitfield (10/13-10/27 2018)

Theatre is Easy

By Heather Violanti, 10/14/18

"Director Debra Whitfield helms a well-paced production that flows seamlessly from one scene to the next.The ensemble is uniformly strong. In all, this is a quality production of a well-written...new play."

Aurora Leonard and Jeff Paul in The Gibson Girl by Mike Amato, FringeNYC.
Photo Credit: Jasna Boudard

The Underpants

The Amateur Comedy Club (February/March, 2018)

Call Board

The Underpants: A Hilarious Triumph

By Stu Chamberlain

"...one of the funniest plays the Amateur Comedy Club has ever produced: "The Underpants,” adapted by Steve Martin from the original German play by Carl Sternheim... a crackerjack ACC cast, led by spot on directing that mined all the laughs, jokes, sight gags and mayhem of this whimsical farce, to the side-splitting joy of the audience.

This kind of comedy is dangerous...in the wrong hands...mercifully, director Debra Whitfield was the RIGHT hands. I can’t imagine anything that could have improved the swift, sure and mirthfully spirited pace."

Doug Hepworth, Alexa Poller, Brittany Dye, Christopher Galiardo and Sam Militello in The Underpants


NY WinterFest 2018(January, 2018)


A Clever New Twist of a Musical

By Roger Gonzalez

"The direction by Debra Whitfield is first rate.

Director Debra Whitfield knocks it out of the park with great casting and direction. This is a very well put together evening of theatre by a talented production team."

Zoë Johnson, Shabazz Green and Robert Newman
in Intruder
(Photo by Russ Rowland)


Tenth Avenue Arts Center(March/April, 2016)

San Diego Herald Tribune

By James Hebert

"Director-choreographer Debra Whitfield’s staging has flashes of pizzazz."


Robert Moss Theater(January/March, 2015)


By Bianca Garcia

"ROPE is a wildly entertaining musical about the unholy history of justice. With mastery and flair, director Debra Whitfield keeps the hoots and the tensions brewing."

Trevor Peringer, Dennis Holland and Tyler Jiles in Rope at Tenth Avenue Arts Center
(Photo by Justin Gray)
Teresa Kelsey as Mildred in Rope
at the Robert Moss Theater
(Photo by Steven J. Hill)

Olympics Über Alles

Off-Broadway, St. Luke’s Theatre(August-October, 2014)

History News Network

1936 Olympics Relays – No Jews Allowed

By Bruce Chadwick

"Director Debra Whitfield made superb use of black and white stills and film footage of the 1936 Olympics and Hitler, often with chilling effect.

Director Whitfield gets fine performances from Tim Dowd, Joshua Quat, Darrell Purcell Jr, Jim DiMunno, Amy Handra, Leslie C. Nemet and superb performances by Michael Engberg as Marty Glickman (young man), and Stewart A. Schneck as Glickman as an older man."

Joshua Quat as Sam Stoller and Michael Engberg as Marty Glickman in the Off-Broadway production of Olympics Über Alles
at St. Luke’s Theatre
(Photo by Carol Rosegg)

The Banana Monologues

Off-Broadway, The Acorn Theatre(June - August, 2013)

Time Out New York -- "One of the sexiest events in NYC!"

"Debra Whitfield's breezy direction keeps things bouncing along."

By David Cote

Times Square Chronicles

By Sandi Durell

"Banana Monologues is deftly directed by Debra Whitfield."


By Judith Jarosz

"Director Debra Whitfield does a wonderful job of staging this piece, using every bit of the striking multilevel set by Roman Tatarowicz, and making sure that while the pace is elastic, it never drags."


By Richmond Shepard

"... hilarious hour and a half of irreverent humor, very funny allusions and amusing tales of Gus' sex life. Brightly directed by Debra Whitfield, it's a great comic romp."

Midtown International Theatre Festival(2011)


By Michael Murray

"Debra Whitfield has directed with a light but effective hand, helping Brennan find the right balance between coziness and theatrical size to make "The Banana Monologues" as appealing as possible (sorry, sorry). Their joint talent ensures that the show is a lively hour."


By Duncan Pflaster

"The show is quite funny."

John Brennan in The Banana Monologues
Off-Broadway at the Acorn Theatre
(Photo by Roman Tatarowicz)
John Brennan in The Banana Monologues
Off-Broadway at the Acorn Theatre
(Photo by Carol Rosegg)

Ramshackle Inn

The Amateur Comedy Club (February, 2013)

Call Board

By Jim Sutton

"... the surprise hit of the last 10 years at The Amateur Comedy Club... superbly directed by Debra Whitfield... the attention to detail and creativity resulted in a memorable and remarkable show."

Program cover from Ramshackle Inn
at The Amateur Comedy Club, New York City
(Design by Steve Heiden)

Chapter Two

The Amateur Comedy Club (May, 2012)

Call Board

By Christopher D. Stack

“Debra Whitfield has shown us once again that she can work with difficult material to bring out extraordinary results. She is a great asset to the club, and we can only hope to be able to use her again a few more times before she becomes too well-known and accomplished for us to tempt her to our productions."

Bill Brown and Gregory Taft Gerard
in Chapter Two
at The Amateur Comedy Club
(Photo by Kaoru Babienco)

Ten Little Indians

The Amateur Comedy Club (February, 2011)

Call Board

By Kevin M. Roche

“Director Whitfield put together some of the Club's finest talents and drew top-rate work from all. At no place will you find a better bit of acting on any stage, in any town you care to name."

Christopher Galiardo and Steve Heiden
in Ten Little Indians
at The Amateur Comedy Club
(Photo by John Nasta)

Picasso at the Lapin Agile
by Steve Martin

The Amateur Comedy Club


June, 2010

By Christopher Stack 

"Director Debra Whitfield, did a masterful job of steering her cast…and helping each of them to shine in his or her own way. The choice of not using French accents for anyone, but beautifully exaggerated German, Spanish and Southern accents for Einstein, Picasso and Elvis worked perfectly. When the script asked Freddy to break the fourth wall, rather than treat it as an anomaly, Debra ran with it and made it an integral part of the production. Prefacing the performance by having cast members singing chansons cabaret-style was a wonderful way to bring the audience into the Lapin Agile; even the berets on the ushers added to the draw."

Ross Jeffcoat, Shannon Lower, and Alesandra Nahodil in Picasso at the Lapin Agile at The Amateur Comedy Club.
(Photo by Kaoru Babienco)

In The Belly of the Beast

Florida Studio Theatre

Sarasota Herald-Tribune

By Susan L. Rife

“Terrifying and thrilling … superbly and tautly directed by Debra Whitfield.

Bradenton Herald 

'In the Belly of the Beast' is well worth your attention!

By Eric Delp

Directed by Debra Whitfield and featuring fine performances by three very talented actors, this is a thoughtful and compelling drama. Whitfield stages all of this very nicely. This play is a fabulous experience. Not only is it a well-constructed and well-performed show, it is also a valuable cultural experience."

I would say this is a great play, and well worth seeing.

Creative Loafing -- Sarasota

By Mark E. Leib

"This is a fine, at moments stunning production...there's no arguing about the FST production: it's first class in every way. Director Debra Whitfield makes sure that the play never lets go of our attention."

David Sitler as Jack Henry Abbott in In the
Belly of the Beast
at Florida Studio Theatre.
(Photo by Amy Steinmetz)

Brighton Beach Memoirs

Emelin Theatre

The New York Times

By Sylviane Gold

“…Debra Whitfield’s Emelin rendition is likely to make audiences smile rather than guffaw. As a result, Mr. Simon’s writing comes across as richer and more trustworthy than it might if the cast were milking his every laugh. The intensity of the Jerome family relationships comes through loud and clear…"

The Journal News

By Peter D.Kramer

“Simon gives each character a moment to shine and Emelin director Debra Whitfield helps each actor make the most of his or her moment. The casting and the cast are first-rate: There's not a note out of place… Yes, these Jeromes are emotional, but it's an emotional play. It makes the laughter - and there's plenty of laughter - all the sweeter… Drop in on the Jeromes at the Emelin. You're sure to laugh and maybe cry. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that."

The Sound & Town Report

By Keith Loria

“Director Debra Whitfield is able to lead her actors into all the humor that the original script requires, but also gets plenty of heart from the emotional scenes that sometimes take a backseat in other productions.  Whether it’s Nora looking for fatherly advice from her uncle, Blanche and Kate squabbling over the past or Eugene mad at his brother Stan for not telling him more about girls, the drama unfolds in a realistic way… one of his best plays and this production does it proud."

Adam Bryant, Maria Silverman, Paul Wyatt
and Eli Gelb in Brighton Beach Memoirs
at Emelin Theatre

The Memory of Water

The Depot Theatre

North Country Public Radio Online

Good theatre is certainly alive and well at the Depot.

By Connie Meng

"Debra Whitfield has directed The Memory of Water with a sure hand.  The staging is very good and at times very clever, highlighting what’s already funny.  Along with her excellent cast, she’s not only made these characters come alive, but makes us accept them as a family.

The Memory of Water is a terrific play, and the best comedy I’ve seen this season.  It makes us laugh, but is also very moving without ever becoming maudlin.  I wish the run were longer so that more people could see it.  My companion said, and I agree, 'I wish I lived closer.  I’d like to see it again.'”

On a scale of one to five the Depot Theatre production of The Memory of Water gets five boxcars and a caboose.

The Glens Falls Post-Star

By Bob Rose
Special to the Post-Star

"A talented cast of professionals… [in] The Depot Theatre’s season-closing main stage production of Shelagh Stephenson’s dark comedy, The Memory of Water.

There are many laughs as we watch the action being played out… Debra Whitfield’s direction is cleverly accomplished."

Caroline Treadwell, Shami McCormick, Jennifer
Kathryn Marshall and Paula Hoza (standing) in
The Memory of Water at the Depot Theatre

To Gillian On Her 37th Birthday

Depot Theatre

The Glens Falls Post-Star

Theater Closes With A Wonderful ‘Gillian’

By Bob Rose

"Directed by Debra Whitfield, it features a wonderful cast able to bring out the play’s warmth and humor as well as its scenes of heartbreaking sadness. The play is beautifully staged and, despite its underlying theme of how grief can imperil family relationships, its ultimate message about the healing power of love is uplifting, especially throughout the second act."

Adam Bryant in To Gillian On Her 37th Birthday
at the Depot Theatre

A Murder is Announced

Dorset Theatre Festival

The Northshire Free Press

‘Murder’ Proves A Twisty, Fun Romp (A Murder is Announced)

By Darrell R. Beebe

"Debra Whitfield, no stranger to the Dorset Theatre Festival stage as an actress who lent her considerable skills to roles in O! The Days, Noises Off, and last year’s mystery offering, Christie’s The Mousetrap, this time serves as director. It’s a title she must wear as comfortably as she does her actor title, because it was a tremendously successful production. The play was fraught with tension and suspense as each new discovery is made, and as the killer tries harder and harder to cover up their tracks. Whitfield kept the play zipping along at a grand pace, but paying enough attention to the fine details to keep it riveting and engaging. Whitfield is supported by a superb cast."

The Glens Falls Post-Star

Enjoying the Murder at the Dorset Playhouse

By Bob Rose

"The DTF production is done to perfection with much comedy, many puzzling situations, some moments of fright and the inevitable but quite surprising outcome. If you are a Christie fan, you’ll love it. Director Debra Whitfield has each of her dozen cast members working together beautifully…so well paced and acted that it is a genuine pleasure throughout."

Wendy Merritt, Kathleen Huber and Phillip Asta
in Agatha Christie’s A Murder Is Announced
at the Dorset Theatre Festival